Training Services

One-on-One Pistol Training:

Gary O’Brien is the owner, and only instructor. You will receive one-on-one personalized instruction to meet your lifestyle and personal needs. If you are new to shooting, I can come to your home, with a firearm, and teach you proper loading, unloading, sight alignment, trigger press, and more importantly the safe handling of a firearm, before we ever go to the range. While we are at the range, I will do all the loading, and unloading.

My job is to make you feel comfortable, while teaching you proper shooting fundamentals. If you don’t have a firearm, I can provide one to get your training started, and help you chose the right one for your needs when you are ready to buy your own. My goal is to teach you the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a firearm safely.

In training new shooters, the main goal is making sure they understand that safety comes first. Training advanced shooters is geared more toward tactics, with family and personal protection as a goal, while maintaining safe handling of the firearm.

My training rate is $70 per hour. Lessons are 1 hour long.

 2 hour sessions, are available upon request.




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